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Art Show Updates; Aria’s Going to State!

Anne Marie Schneider May 24, 2024
Alexandria Art Show - Aria Goes to State; LRAC Art show - We have a winner!
Spring Play Announcement

Spring Play Announcement

Anne Marie Schneider and Angela Albrecht March 5, 2024

One Act season just finished and the MAHS One-Act team brought the story of a lifetime to the stage. Achieving second at Sections in Redwood Falls, the team was close to moving on to State. The Miraculous...

Fashion Trends in 2024

Fashion Trends in 2024

Greta Conroy, Writer December 19, 2023

This year, the runway was adorned with vibrant hues and interesting cuts. But in 2024 fashion is going to look a lot different.   Red is set to be popular in 2024 due to the recent surge in...

Nails sets by Molly Wayne

Small Business Spotlight: Boujee Nails by Molly

Greta Conroy, Writer December 19, 2023

In the fall of 2022, Molly’s sister, Ava, started a nail business. Tired of traveling and extra expenses to get nails, Ava had to get creative. She started posting on Instagram and getting customers,...

Full Cast Photo

2023 Fall Musical Meets an End; What’s Next?

Anne Marie Schneider, Writer December 15, 2023

MAHS’s Theatre Department’s first show of the year, Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” has gone off with a success. The show had four performances; three 7:00 pm shows taking place on November 16th,...

VMA’s Fashion Review

VMA’s Fashion Review

Greta Conroy, Writer September 26, 2023

This year, by far, was one of the best years for fashion at the VMA’s. As most people know, the VMA’s are a casual award show, which means a lot of celebrities can experiment with their looks. But...

Advice From a Cat

Jennie Odello November 3, 2021

[Hello, everyone. This is the owner of the cat- the cat who will be typing. I taught my cat to type, and now… what have I wrought upon the world. Well, anyway. I will be speaking at points in brackets,...

Celestial Delis Near You; Order Now!

Pierce Richards November 3, 2021

The Celestial Deli ID Food Network would like to announce some noteworthy changes to this year’s menu; as well as employment opportunities for aspiring sandwich makers. Stop by a Celestial Deli on a...

Interdimensional Shanagins

September 29, 2021

Log day… uh. i .. don’t exactly remember how long I’ve been traveling. Let’s just call it Log day  uh. Anyway. What was I talking about…. Oh yeah! I was gonna introduce myself. Ok, here we go.  Hello!...


Jeramee Hoberg September 29, 2021

To have one power, I hath been asked, for the winds of the setting sun forgets. Severed away and sorrows clash, any power would be good as a birthday bash. From ice to fire, come wind and crystal towers,...

A Tourist’s Guide to Terran

Pierce Richards September 29, 2021

There are a practically infinite number of fantastic and marvelous worlds to explore across the Multiverse, and Terran, Terran is decidedly not one of them. However, since there’s also a near infinite...

Exerpts from the Cartographer’s Guide #104 ~ Befriending Aliens

Pierce Richards April 1, 2021

There are several questions that people ask the Guild quite frequently. These questions mainly seem to consist of ‘Can I eat this thing?’ (If you’re asking, the answer is no), ‘How do I travel...

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