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Interdimensional Shanagins

Jennie Odello

Log day… uh. i .. don’t exactly remember how long I’ve been traveling. Let’s just call it Log day  uh. Anyway. What was I talking about…. Oh yeah! I was gonna introduce myself. Ok, here we go. 

Hello! This is the first log of many. I am [unintelligible noises], or Carans. I’m from… uh… i… i’m not sure, honestly. I think it was something… with green. But the important thing is that I’m from a different universe. Yes, you heard me. I’m from a different universe. I know all there is to know about the multiverse. There are so many universes out there- SO many- that you may be from one where jigsaw puzzles reign over all. I’m from a universe where-


Uh.. that can’t be important right now. But I’ve decided to record some of my exploits and tips in a log. Today, i got to see this one universe. I had just left a universe where there was a large amount of bowls. I can’t say anything else about it, there were just a lot of bowls. After I left, I found myself in a wasteland. There was nothing to be seen for miles around. Not even sand, or dirt, or land. There was simply nothing. Everything was nothing, and nothing was nothing compared to nothing, if that makes sense. If not then I can’t help you. But anyway. I thought to myself, why would this universe be empty??? There was no air, there was no gravity, there was a tall figure standing- wait. A tall figure?? Who could this be? I thought. Then it disappeared. I thought I was going mad. ..actually, in retrospect, I probably was going mad. The sheer nothingness of it all was simply too much for my fragile possibly-human brain to handle. Then, there was something. I’m fairly certain that I was not hallucinating at that specific moment. Now, what was this something? I’m still not sure. All I saw was a triangular shadow. Well.. i THINK it was triangular. It had some sort of hat on its head. And… arms??? And legs??? It was very strange. Then It disappeared… and I was in nothing again. It was a dizzying experience, being something in a vast nothing. I wanted to dissolve, to be one with the nothing… but alas. I realized that probably would be bad for my health. So I then left and nothing bad ever happened again!


…i should not have spoken so soon. It seems I am not alone on my traveler. I will be back eventually. I’m logging off for now, please be careful in the multiverse! Goodbye, I’ll speak in the next log. [click click] Um… goodbye? [click click boopity boop boop] … One last try. [clickety click boop click] I hope that worked…

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