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The New Tiger Phase

The New Tiger Phase

Abigail Alcantar, Senior Editor February 29, 2024

The New Tiger Phase By: Abi Alcantar   News is that a new Tiger has come to stay!   The decision for a new Tiger logo has been on Mr.Monson’s to-do list since our Activity...

Mock Trial 2021

Anna Jordan, Junior Editor November 3, 2023

This is Mock Trial’s third year as an activity in Morris Area, and we are looking forward to this year’s case. Every year, a new case is given for the team to dissect, and parts are handed out to each...

New Tiger Teachers

New Tiger Teachers

Morris Area High School welcomes 5 new teachers this school year! These interviews were separately done at different times.    To begin the first interview, we have Abi interviewing Mr.Haseman:  Q:...

Day as a PSEO Student

Day as a PSEO Student

Truett Richards October 5, 2023

PSEO or Post-secondary enrolment options are available at many schools, including our own. I would highly recommend taking this opportunity if you can, it's pretty much 2 free years of college while getting...

Advice From a Cat

Jennie Odello November 3, 2021

[Hello, everyone. This is the owner of the cat- the cat who will be typing. I taught my cat to type, and now… what have I wrought upon the world. Well, anyway. I will be speaking at points in brackets,...

Celestial Delis Near You; Order Now!

Pierce Richards November 3, 2021

The Celestial Deli ID Food Network would like to announce some noteworthy changes to this year’s menu; as well as employment opportunities for aspiring sandwich makers. Stop by a Celestial Deli on a...

History and Progression of MACAWCA Tennis

Hope Sperr, Senior Editor November 3, 2021

What a season. 2021 made history for the MACAWCA Varsity Girls Tennis team, as it was their first time ever competing at the state tournament. The young ladies on this team took their losses with an overwhelming...

Fall Sports Recap 2021

Ellen Reed and Hana Schutz November 3, 2021

Even though COVID is still affecting us, our fall athletes did great in their sports and seasons!  The C-Squad football coach was Brady Rose, the JV head coach was Tim Cannon, and the head varsity...

Veteran’s Day 2021

Campbell Sleiter and Avery Frank November 3, 2021

Veteran’s Day is a time to honor the brave souls who fought for our country. Veteran’s Day was created when WWI ended. Before the Treaty of Versailles came into full effect, but after the fighting...

The Sound of Music

November 3, 2021

Morris Area High School is proud to present this year’s fall musical: The Sound of Music!  A Brief Synopsis: In Austria, 1938, an exuberant young governess brings music and joy back to a broken family,...

Interdimensional Shanagins

September 29, 2021

Log day… uh. i .. don’t exactly remember how long I’ve been traveling. Let’s just call it Log day  uh. Anyway. What was I talking about…. Oh yeah! I was gonna introduce myself. Ok, here we go.  Hello!...


Jeramee Hoberg September 29, 2021

To have one power, I hath been asked, for the winds of the setting sun forgets. Severed away and sorrows clash, any power would be good as a birthday bash. From ice to fire, come wind and crystal towers,...

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